monster trucks

Monster Trucks

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Monster Truck Arabia is a large-scale Monster truck event that was created in Bahrain and is set to tour the entire region. To give visitors a taste of the action, a mini show will be performed at the BIMS: Three of the best Monster trucks are flown in from overseas along with professional Monster truck drivers to perform the most spectacular stunts with these enormous machines.

Expect to see cars being crushed like plastic toys and 10,000-pound-vehicles flying right before your eyes. As another unique addition, this year’s show will feature Monster truck races.

bahrain motor bike show

Bahrain Motor Bike Show

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The Bahrain International Motor Bike Show is designed to welcome new riders to the exciting world of bike riding. For motorbike enthusiasts, this section will be rich in exhibitors of the machinery they love, allowing “bikers” to check out new and upcoming models displayed by the leading motorbike brands. Touch, test ride, and experience the power of motorbikes first-hand at a show within a show – all in a relaxed yet exclusive environment.

4 x 4 off roading

4x4 Off-Roading

Conquer the Bahrain International Circuit’s world-renowned off-road course in a brand new Landrover LR4. The 5.3k track offers the perfect thrill for those looking for a unique experience off the beaten track.

Take the passenger seat and hold on tight during a 30-minute-ride that will take you through steep slopes and over daring obstacles for an authentic off-roading experience you will never forget.



Witness an amazing show of the most fearless acrobats on wheels. Freestyle Motocross is a breath taking motorbike spectacle unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Stay tuned for details.